The flurry of Fall Photography has begun. It’s easy to get swept up in it again like the swirl of Autumn leaves that spin along the ground under the arms of the tree that dropped them.

I am often asked about my work—so I will take a minute to explain a little more for those who might have an interest.

The most common question I get is

“So Photography is your passion?”

I used to simply say “yes it is.”

Now my reply—upon reconsideration is

“No—passion eludes to functionality. It’s not nearly so balanced as all of that. It’s more like an obsession.”

I approach each new photo shoot with a renewed observation that my product is a bit, stylistically, photo-journalistic. Not intentionally but because that’s more often than not the result of a family deliberately attempting to preserve lovely moments in their lives.

The photo-journalistic result is an organic byproduct of the intent.

When someone loves the moment they are in (a senior,student, young adult with their entire lives ahead, the newly engaged, an expectant couple, new or growing family or another cherished time of life) enough to really want to capture it—the shoot seems to resemble a book or a story. There exists a distinct beginning, middle and end.

At the beginning—much like opening a new book with a stiff new spine- the story commences. It begins slowly and takes some time to get into. By the middle, time is flying by as each new chapter, smile, gesture, joke and laugh is an expression of the moment. By the end—like all good stories—you don’t want them to end.

Delightfully however, the images from the book are a reflection and a preservation of the story itself. You have something tangible to go back to and reflect upon. One might even re-live the moments beautifully through preserved images.

A new project is special to me. I indeed feel honored to be asked each time to assist in capturing fleeting yet cherished moments in life.

what would you like to do next?